Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Create a Path Charity for June 6th Event

Create A Path is a start-up non-profit organization initially based in Brooklyn, New York that serves adjudicated adolescent girls with a history of antisocial and aggressive behaviors. The mission of Create A Path is to create small group mentor programs throughout the country, which provide this at-risk population with an opportunity to create and achieve their self-declared artistic, educational or vocational goals. The purpose of the groups is to connect the participants to services available to them in their community in order to help them achieve their goals while simultaneously providing an opportunity for the participants to hone their self-reliance skills and give each other feedback in a supportive and non-authoritarian atmosphere. The Create A Path program's central objective is to decrease recidivism and increase the rate of positive long-term outcomes for adjudicated adolescent girls with a history of aggressive and antisocial behavior. This objective will be achieved through implementation of this unique goal-oriented mentor program that focuses on self-reliance and community involvement. 

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