Thursday, June 18, 2009

She's on FIRE!!!!!

If you were here at theCOMPOUNDbrooklyn + VONY/ Create a Path/ Dare to Dream Project this month, I bet you have talked about her.... No, let me re-phrase myself, I bet you couldn't stop bragging about seeing this amazing Fire Performance by Donia Love and her Friends.

"Donia has been a performance artist for over 15 years. She has been performing and teaching as a circus artist specializing in fire art for 10 years. In that time she has taught and performed all around the US and in Europe. SHe has taught hundreds of people the art of fire performance and spent two years working with a group in italy that resulted in an 8 month residency where she developed a full length collaborative fire show with 40 multidisciplinary artists ( In 2001 Donia founded and directed a group in seattle and that group continues to perform in and around the Seattle area ( Her performance credits include The Sundance film festival, The Seattle Fringe festival, The Tuscon Day of the dead Festival and countless other events. Between 2003 and 2007 she directed and produced the fire show for the Seattle CEnter winter solstice festival which ultimately lead to the Development of The SEattle Center Winter SOlstice "Fire" festival to it's innagural year in 2008 and included sculptural fire art from all over the west coast as well as performances by 8 different groups. "

We are in luck, people, because she'll be gracing the backyard again on July 11th with us at theCOMPOUNDbrooklyn + Rural Haiti Project. for classes and more info

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