Friday, July 10, 2009

Afro Mosaic Soul

Check out who will be offering a kids' dance workshop tomorrow at the Compoundbkny event to benefit the Rural Haiti Project!

Established in 2005, Mosaic Soul is the dance style, Afro Mosaic Soul is the collective. As each movement has a parent in jazz, gospel, disco and R&B, it left us the offspring of house music. When the love of dancing to soulful house music expanded, this formation occurred. The boundary of how one typically dances to soul was broken. We freed our rhythmic instincts, creating a style we coined Mosaic Soul. The style, like water, can conform to the shape of any rhythm while retaining its essential properties. We dance to music of all genres, extracting the soul that is inherent in the rhythm. We use our body as a musical instrument and create the balance between freestyle, improv and choreography. The music is a blank canvas and the movements are strokes of a brush. When the music stops, a masterpiece is formed ... Afro Mosaic Soul Dance Collective.

Mosaic Soul is the next evolution of dance. It carries the genetic traits of its forbears: African dance, Latin dance, tap, modern, popping & locking, break dancing(b-boying), hip hop, house dance, lofting and capoiera. It's all about being free and letting yourself go. It is the expression of our innermost thoughts. It is what we feel and how we live. It is the combination of many songs, many dances and many stories told and untold. It is our past, present and future. It is our way of life. Mosaic in style, Mosaic in rhythm, Mosaic in presence.

The Afro Mosaic Soul Dance Collective kids' workshop starts around 5pm.

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