Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good things coming from a distant land of...

Some people have a hard enough time getting artwork from local artists but this month theCOMPOUNDbrooklyn has the pleasure of a bright energetic body of artwork coming all the way from Atlanta GA.

Ernest Hood has been an artist and entrepreneur since childhood. A native of Gary Indiana, Ernest was born with the gifts of drawing, painting and business. In early childhood he sharpened his skills working with his father, a reknown sign painter and muralist. He launched his art career in middle school where he sold sketches of students' school pictures for a small fee. ChaCHING... Then he applied his precision skills with another set of tools, the clippers. By the age of 15, Ernest was one of the top barbers Denver. There was such a demand for his original hair designs, he was invited to work in a shop to regain their clientele. Mr. Hood moved to Atlanta 10 years ago and has been a centripetal force in the grooming, arts and culture movement of the city. From lecturing young men at Morehouse on grooming and entrepreneurhisp to orchestrating some of the hottest live jazz & art shows in ATL, successful multiple business owner and veteran artist Ernest Hood is bringing the heat from Hot-lanta.

On July 11th, Ernest will be gracing us with his artwork, as well as his presence here at the Atlantic Lofts for theCOMPOUNDbrooklyn + Rural Haiti Project. You cannot miss this.

You can contact him via e-mail, or find him on Facebook, 'Ernest Hood'.

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