Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pizza on Flatbush, anyone?

The New York Magazine call their pizza 'one of the best in the city, period' and how lucky are we that they are donating their Gift Certificate to benefit bk farmyards on Aug. 22nd...?
Committed to environmentally responsible business practice, Franny's has been a supporter of bk farmyards and they are showing that support here at theCOMPOUNDbrookyln + bk farmyards. I know I'll be bidding on this one.

The two owners of franny's, FRANCINE STEPHENS and ANDREW FEINBERG, have a strong commitment to creating an environmentally responsible business. While their commitment to sustainable agriculture has been part of franny’s since it’s inception-- defined as purchasing locally grown foods and serving them in the seasons during which they are grown--their business itself has grown increasingly sustainable over the past three years. The vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairy, and fish are largely sourced from local and/or organic producers; all the meats at franny's are from sustainable sources, containing no hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, franny’s uses renewable energy, made up of 35% wind power and 65% small hydroelectric power, purchased from Con Edison Solutions; the coffee is fair-trade and sustainably produced; the cleaning and dishwashing products are earth-friendly; kitchen grease is converted into biodiesel fuel; the menu is printed on recycled paper; and the to-go containers are made from biodegradable materials.

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