Friday, August 21, 2009


Who can resist fresh baked breads? I mean, that hearty and mildly sweet smell brings me right back to my mom's house and my mom didn't even bake breads!!
What we'll have at theCOMPOUNDbrooklyn + bk Farmyards is even better, though. The man who created SCRATCH bread is a true believer in good food and good community, just a right kind of a man to have, here at theCOMPOUNDbrooklyn. Here's what the man, Matthew J. Tilden says about his creation...

My intentions are basically to enhance a common set of ideals shared through food. Approachable sophistication, plain & simple. Most importantly absolutely delicious.

I’m not breakin the mold by making good food from SCRATCH… But hopefully I can throw a few logs on the fire that is to eventually wipe out all the crap the big corporations put in your food.

I am SCRATCHbread. A lifestyle, a living breathing brand that only survives because the amazingly awesome people keep feeding me. There is only one thing I can really guarantee with words about SCRATCH however… Because the whole point of SCRATCH, is that the proof is in the pudding… The guarantee is that once you've tried SCRATCH, every time you see, hear & taste something from SCRATCH, you’ll always know it was made from SCRATCH.

You need to sniff more?

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