Friday, July 3, 2009

Abigail Ramos

Borrowing sugar from your neighbor seems like a tale from far off land of nostalgia to you? Well, spending a weekend at the Atlantic Lofts might prove you wrong; we have bunch of very nice people with conscious mind, making communal living easy and fun.
Abi has been an integral part of our COMPOUND communal living crew, super communicative, socially conscious and not to mention fun-loving. When you see her hand-made jewelry, you can see all the goodness in them. They are culturally evolved, beautiful and full of nature's gifts.
She'll be at theCOMPOUNDbrooklyn + Rural Haiti Project on July 11th, showing you what she has been working on. Here's her brief bio...

I grew up in San Diego, then lived in San Francisco, Oakland, and then New Orleans before moving to Brooklyn in fall 2005. As a jewelry designer, I'm inspired by nature, fashion, the places I've lived, music and the people I'm so blessed to have around me. I'm also passionate about progressive movements, especially in education. I work as a director of educational programs, creating and writing curriculum for k-12 students, in areas such as oral health, physical activity, nutrition, relationship abuse, alcohol awareness, dropout prevention and community involvement.

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