Friday, July 3, 2009


Most people are art admirers, some are artists, few are master artists and
rarely, we have visionaries.
A former New Orleans residents, Paul DEO now calls Harlem his home and this month, he'll be joining us in Bed-Stuy to enlighten us with his neo-spiritual art.

Paul DEO's visionary artwork has been featured nationwide in venues including the Museum of Natural History, galleries, motion pictures, film festivals, private collections, and on college lecture circuits. Branching into new fields, DEO is producing Art Concerts where the audience is uplifted with his art, animations and music producing a healing aura for all to share. DEO is also inventing and registering patents for innovative breakthroughs in "pervasive computing" and cyberkinetics. He has worked on over 80 films, music videos and commercials as a conceptual visual designer, producer, and director. He is new art, films, animations and graphic novels seek to push the boundaries of spiritual art and healing. A New Orleans evacuee, DEO and his family are currently rebuilding in Harlem, NYC.

Paul DEO

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