Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brett Erickson

Sometimes, life brings you something so unexpected. That was the case with meeting Brett.

She and her family moved in across from us in the Atlantic Lofts in February. This charming mother of two and I, came to find out, lived in the same city, went to same parties and went to the same college... at the same time. How I never met her then is a mystery but her sweet (slight) Southern mannerism and urban-fem sensibility is such a joy to have, especially in this hard-core Brooklyn life.

Brett Erickson was born in Connecticut, grew up in
Albuquerque, then Atlanta, and relocated to New York
after completing her BFA in Graphic Design in 2000.

Seeking creative growth, New York answered the call.
Over the past eight years, Brett has worked extensively in many branches of fashion, design, and textiles. She has collaborated with fashion designers to develop custom prints, and designed several groups of graphic T-shirts. Her experience working with Martha Stewart and in high end fashion production, deepened her knowledge of the market trends and production. Her design experience extends to three dimensional design for cd and record packaging, and printed lookbooks.

Equally inspired by nature, screenprinting, and the fine lines of Scandinavian modern design, Brett utilizes a complex color palette, and organic elements while maintaining a clean look and feel.

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